Birdwatching Information

The following annotated checklist is not a comprehensive list for the whole Vumba region, but focuses on those birds that are “special” or common to the area, particularly Seldomseen. There are brief descriptions and notes on the characteristics of the species that help in identification. Guide books such as Newman’s or Sasol should also be used. Since there is so much argument and confusion over the common names of the birds, Latin names are given as the definitive reference. Names and numbers follow those of Robert’s Birds of Southern Africa 6th edition.

Please remember that Seldomseen is a private nature reserve, so take only photos and memories and leave nothing but footprints. Thank you.

Some of our “specials” are:

    1. Swynnerton's Robin
    2. Bronze Sunbird
    3. Buff Spotted Flufftail
    4. Chirinda Apalis
    5. Collared Sunbird
    6. East African Swee Waxbill
    7. Forest Weaver
    8. Gurney's Sugar Bird
    9. Malachite Sunbird
    10. Miombo Double Collared Sunbird
    11. Orange Thrush
    12. Robert’s Prinia (Briar Warbler)
    13. Silvery Cheeked Hornbill
    14. Square Tailed Drongo
    15. Starred Robin
    16. Stripe Cheeked Bulbul (Greenbul)
    17. Yellow Bellied Sunbird (Variable Sunbird)
    18. Yellow Streaked Bulbul (Greenbul)